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Request Changes or Cancellations

If you need to make any changes to your order, and that this was already canceled (payment), we ask that you please contact us at +58 4244020263 or via email [email protected] as soon as possible after making your payment. Unfortunately, we can not make changes or cancellations of orders have already been sent.

The addressee could not be reached

If the carrier fails to locate the recipient to provide you with your purchase, the parcel will be returned to FedEx / DHL nearest office, and remain in this for 5 business days before being returned to the FedEx / DHL office origin. To avoid this case, the transport company and CA Anklados, will do everything possible to locate the recipient, to prevent the return of the parcel.

Change because of mistake

If by mistake, you get a product that was not indicated on your order, a quick study will be done, in order to verify that it was a mistake from Anklados CA, in order to make the respective change. In this case, forwarding expenses / shipping will be paid by Anklados CA If the error was the product received by the customer, Anklados CA may not respond positively to change.

Delivery time

ANKLADOS CA clearly states the delivery of parcels takes 3 to 6 working days to arrive to any destination all around the world, by DHL Express. In this respect, CA Anklados not responsible for “urgent” purchases made with gift purpose, travel or another. As an example: You need the product for gifting it on Wednesday, 03: you make your purchase and pay on Monday 01 -> Your order is shipped on Tuesday 02 ->Your purchase will arrive to your hands around the 6th or 7th. Anklados CA will not respond to reimbursement or refund of your purchase.
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