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Confidentiality of information

Once registered on our website, ANKLADOS CA does not sell, rent or share personal information. We will do everything in our power to protect the privacy of your information. It may happen that under court, or legal regulations orders, we meet compelled to disclose information to authorities or third parties under certain circumstances, or in cases where third parties can intercept or access certain information or data in which If Anklados CA not liable for the information disclosed.

Email Account (e’mail)

To interact within the site, users must use their email account (e’mail) that identify. Users will not have access to the personal information of other users of the Web site ANKLADOS CA


Our services are available only to those who have legal capacity to contract. Therefore, those who do not comply with this condition should refrain from providing personal information to be included in our databases. However, they can do so through a parent or guardian.

The use of information by other users

Under no circumstances, CA ANKLADOS communicate personal information or e-mail user to any third party without your prior consent. Do not add to the agenda email addresses (physical or electronic) data of any user of ANKLADOS CA, even those who have acquired data item offered some ANKLADOS CA without the express consent of that user .


The user and the visitor of the Web site ANKLADOS CA acknowledges and accepts that ANKLADOS CA you can use a tracking system using cookies (“Cookies”). Cookies are small files that are installed on the hard drive, with a limited period of time to help personalize services. Cookies are used in order to meet the interests, behavior and demographics of visitors or are users of our website and thus better understand your needs and interests and give them a better service or provide related information. Additionally use cookies so that the user does not have to enter your password as frequently during a browsing session, also to count and verify the registrations, user activity and other trade agreements, always aiming for the installation of cookies, User profit that receives it, and will not be used for other purposes other than CA Anklados.

Send this article to a friend

If you choose to use the “Send this item to a friend” ANKLADOS CA may require the name and email address of the person to whom it was forwarded. Through this functionality, ANKLADOS CA will send an automatic e-mail inviting them to visit certain product on the website. ANKLADOS CA will use the email address of the person to whom it is referred only to send this communication and follow-up, however, such information will not be stored.

Change in preferences of e-mails

Notwithstanding that ANKLADOS CA wants to keep its users updated at all times about promotions, news, updates, etc. users can select the e-mails and promotional information that they would like to receive from ANKLADOS CA At all times the user can choose not to receive such information.

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